Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lebanon: Sri Lankan domestic worker 'commits suicide'

BEIRUT: A Sri Lankan domestic worker committed suicide on Friday by throwing herself from the window of a domestic staff agency in Jal al-Dib security sources said. Ambagala Modian Silaj, 30, threw herself out of the window of the domestic staff agency al-Rabih, according to security sources. The agency’s office was located on the fourth floor of the Hafiz Abu Jaoude Building in Jal al-Dib in the Metn and Silaj died immediately due to severe head injuries. – The Daily Star

This announcement is very disturbing in that most community leaders from the migrant community have spoken about the treatment of migrant workers in the employment agencies. Women are exported in mass amounts and upon arrival most are taken to the employment agencies where they remain until they have a buyer. In some research I have found testimonies of women being raped by the male agency owners and from community leaders that they are stuffed in small rooms, fed very little and abused until a Lebanese comes to purchase them.

Also when women run away from their employers some go to the agency that sold them and they are oftentimes forced to return to their abusive employers.

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