This blog will aim to break the traditional ways in which research has been presented in the past by giving an online journal of the projects findings.

Given that this research is part of the "Multimedia Virtual Space for Human Rights" project, this blog will incorporate the use of social media tools as a means of sharing articles in English and Arabic relating the topics of this research, interviews with the various communities, videos and various actions conducted by NGO's in Lebanon to fight against racism and discrimination.

The objective of this research is to examine the culture of racism and discrimination towards migrant workers, women, mixed-ethnicity Lebanese, and the LGBTQ community, their roles, problems, networks, and future. It is inevitable that such a study will, in many respects, say as much about Lebanese society, particularly postwar society, as it will about the various communities themselves.

The aim of the research findings is to promote inter-cultural dialogue by organizing several anti-racism/discrimination human rights campaigns that act as a catalyst in highlighting the importance of building cultural understanding. Working in collaboration with various local NGO’s the campaigns will use various methods to raise awareness in Lebanese society and among key stakeholders on the important role of race and discrimination in the existence of persistent legal inequalities in Lebanon. Various examples could include but not limited to, creating petitions, demonstrations, lectures, public debates and cultural events.

Given that this project is a virtual multimedia base I would like to introduce the use of social media tools as a means of organizing and documenting the research process. This could include the use of blogs, Wikipedia, delicious and twitter campaigns, which was proved effective during the one-year anniversary of the attack on Gaza where hundreds of activists used social media as a tool to raise awareness through the sharing of facts, figures and articles to commemorate.