Friday, May 14, 2010

Article in Nepalese Migrant Nepalese celebrate May Day in Lebanon

Nepalese migrant workers in Lebanon celebrated Labour Day, popularly called May Day, for the first time by participating in a rally organised to mark the day.

In Lebanon, the number of Nepalese migrant workers is increasing at a faster rate in recent years.

In the past, many Nepalese were afraid to take part in the protest for fear of retribution by their employers or of being arrested by the police. But this year the Nepalese workers showed their courage, joined the protest and proudly displayed their national flag.

At least nine Nepali migrant workers attended the march this year, including the founder president and chief advisor of the NRNA-Lebanon Dipendra Uprety, current president of the NRNA-Lebanon Dilli Poudel, vice president Mohan Prasai, secretary Nanda Raj Kafle, and members Yang Bahadur Magar, Gita Ghimire, Nita Kafle, Devi Prasad Bimali and Basanti Rai.

The Nepalese migrant workers and all those who took part in the protest hope that demonstrations drew attention on the human rights violations being committed on these workers.

Studies have shown that more than half of all migrant domestic workers in Lebanon work more than 12 hours a day, some as much as 19 hours a day with no additional pay for the extra time they put in.

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