Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CLDH demands closure of Adlieh prison

CLDH (The Lebanese Center for Human Rights) was informed that several refugees arbitrarily detained at the General Security Detention Center may have begun an unlimited hunger strike to protest against their detention conditions and to demand their immediate release.

Since several months, these refugees have been cooped up in underground cages under a Beirut bridge where the General Security Detention Center is located. They are refugees recognized by the UNHCR and are detained by the General Security without any legal justification. By detaining them illegally and inflicting this cruel and inhuman treatment, the General Security wishes to force them to sign their repatriation to their country of origin, regardless of their refugee status.

CLDH urges the Ministry of Interior to immediately and unconditionally release all persons under the protection of the UNHCR and holds the Lebanese authorities accountable for their physical and psychological integrity.

The organization launched a petition on the Internet and plans to call for a permanent solidarity movement with refugees in front of the Ministry of Interior from next week onwards if they are not immediately released.

You can keep up with CLDH at their blog

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